Thursday, November 29, 2012

More Thanksgiving Drawings…

Here's my drawings from the Thanksgiving Day prompts. We were so porked on turkey that day. Wow. All I wanted to do was sit and stare into space. Angela kept saying, "So let's draw something." I kept saying, "Okay." Then she'd ask, "What should we draw?" I would think about it and stare off into space. Then we'd do a rerun. That's about right, isn't it, Angela? Finally, she asked Abe for a prompt.
Duck with Funny Hat, brushed by Anita
 When we started to draw, I didn't have my pen, and was going to use a ballpoint. Angela let me try her portable brush. Normally, I don't use a brush for this sort of drawing. I use a Rapidograph. I like them. Brushes are a different experience. But I did use the brush for the duck and the badger. Obviously, I should use a brush more often, so I can draw exactly what's in my head, and do a bit better job at it.
The Knickered Badger, brushed by Anita
 The title of this drawing sounds like it might be some kind of a clothing store, maybe one that sells lingerie, one that rivals Victoria's Secret perhaps, even. That brush though. I wish I had a pen in hand. I do watercolor with a brush, even detailed watercolor, but for these drawings I would prefer a #0 Rapidograph for most of the work.
When Turtles Fly, penned by Anita
So I would quit my whining, Angela loaned me her brand new Rapidograph pen. Mine are maybe 20 years old. I loved them then and I love them now. I even like cleaning them, except for when I have to meet with a client within two days of that. The ink is not too hard to clean off your hands, but the stuff under the fingernails gets a little embarrassing after a few days. If I wore those thin rubber gloves, my hands would stay clean. There's a box of them in my work closet, but I rarely remember to wear them until after I'm finished cleaning. I did quit whining though, and drew the flying turtle. I'll probably put a background on it later. 

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