Friday, November 9, 2012

Late Night Sketches

These are two quick sketches I made last night, late, just before I went to sleep. They took less than fifteen minutes, I think, and were made using a couple ball point pens, and maybe a pencil. The pens run out of ink. I grab another one. We have enough ball point pens in the house to last us the rest of our lives. Jim picked a lot of them up on campus, and brought them home, one at a time. But a pencil is always good, right down to the nubs. If the tip breaks and I don't have a sharpener near, the wood can always be peeled back to expose some more graphite. Whatever works.

Hands Down
The first drawing is of the type that just falls out of my head while listening to the sound of pen against paper. Who knows where they come from or where they'll go. The little rabbits? I guess they are rough character sketches for a story I might do. The story has them scared quite often, which is normal for a rabbit, I'd guess.
Scared Rabbits
After I finished these two drawings, I fell asleep. They are like bedtime stories, but different. I can see that they could use some work on a couple of things, though I know I could do much worse if I put my mind to it.



  1. We really like all your pen and ink drawings.
    As Joyce says, though, your trial with the brush on Thanksgiving gives your drawings more depth. Try some more!


  2. These drawings here are of the sort the might be used for something later on. I'm thinking about making the horned creature into a drypoint, which is a type of print, as you know. Hmm. Maybe I'll try to fit that into today. Thanks for the comments! Those are always helpful.