Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Goading the Mountain Goat

Okay, so you beat me on that one, Angela. Very nice drawing. Love the flowers. And it's actually inked, too. I, on the other hand, while watching The Old Man and the Sea, penciled a mountain goat for my Ink Tub post. How odd is that? I didn't actually time how long it took because I was distracted by the old man, Santiago, but if you added it all up, it would probably be about 30 minutes, maybe less. That Santiago has a beard, too, and his fish may also have been bearded. What a Fish!

Well, here's my penciled bearded fellow:

To ink spots,

Monday, January 23, 2012


Bearded Lady.
Anita picked beards for our first theme so I could practice for a comic I have coming up.
So there, Anita. I did get mine done. Game's on.

What to Do

This week, Angela and I decided to draw at least one thing for thirty minutes that has to do with a beard. I wonder if we will.