Thursday, January 8, 2015

My first installation of Angela's artwork through Patreon

So Angela ran off to Vermont to go to the Center for Cartoon Studies. I miss her. 
However, she has given me, and everyone else in the entire world, the opportunity to receive a monthly package of the work she's doing at CCS. For $25 a month, she will send her homework, and enough other items, to make it worth my while. I'm her mom, so even a pencil stub would work for me. But she certainly made it a great way to get a wonderful package filled with very finished, humorous and surprisingly creative comics and artworks.

If you want to be a patron of Angela's, go to Patreon and sign up. Here's the link:
Here is the pile of work Angela sent me in December. 
A close up of the autobio comic and a screenprint on blue paper.

This booklet tells about the people (comic artists) who most inspired her. Angela used examples of their art and wrote about her connections to each one. Very interesting stories.

This assignment driven series of three orangutan drawings shows religious fervor of some sort. 
I think this is Angela's first screenprint. It is definitely her first three color one, and it's on blue paper. It is meant to accompany her autobio comic. She included Ernie, her little corgi. 

And this is on the backside of the autobio and shows the color of the paper a little better.

Here are three little comic books: Gag Strips (funny little Angela jokes), Sketchbook (faces, faces, faces),
and Ice Breaker (with the comics who inspired her).

The true story of Angela as told by an autobio comic.
Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the next installment, which should be here in a few more days.

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