Friday, May 24, 2013

The 2013 Sue C. Boynton Award Poems Travel Whatcom County

The Sue C. Boynton contest gave awards to twenty-five poets on Thursday, May 16. Angela and I illustrated all but just a few of them in three or four weeks time. Three of them use public domain approved images, which has to do with the short deadline. We'll share our drawings over the next few weeks, and the broadsides they adorn. The latest award-winning poems will soon be on the buses in Bellingham and around Whatcom county, as well as making the rounds through libraries, senior centers, the hospital, and other public places. It's a fine thing to get poetry out where it does some good.

This hatched drawing of ivy was used for Malcolm Kenyon's poem "The Goat Island Battery." An excellent poem! This drawing was finished the morning of May 16, put into the broadside, colored, and printed—the same day as the awards reception. Down to the wire with that deadline.
As you can see, the drawing was flipped, and hangs off into the "framing" of the broadside. I also laid out each of the poems on the page, and colored the illustrations using InDesign. In the past, they were colored using CS2's InDesign, but this year the CS6 InDesign does the same job just as well.


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