Monday, July 23, 2012

Fireside Sketches

Saturday, we went to Anita's to get some prints of a comic and bind a different comic. But the printer was not working so we didn't get to do any of that. So after a delicious BBQ chicken dinner, we had Abe and Jim give us drawing suggestions while we sat at a fire outside. So here's what we did. I used a brush pen and did not pencil first! That's very rare for me. I pencil before everything. But this was a really fun exercise.
Top is Despair and Golfing. From Abe. Then a creature coming out of fruit. Jim's idea, I think.
Then Abe suggested a platypus playing a sport. I could only think of cricket. That's the only sport a platypus would play, right? I have a pretty good memory of what a platypus looks like because Abe asks me to draw them all the time. Then Anita suggested their dog, Blue. She was staring at our dogs in our car.
Then I couldn't come up with anything. So Abe suggested a monster using the space needle as a tooth pick.
I am pleased with all of these.

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  1. I'm pleased with all of these, too, Angela. I won't be getting mine up until later this week. But you did really excellent work on your drawings. I was like, "A pen, I'm holding a pen in my hand?" Wow. Wouldn't you know I could hardly figure out what the paper was for. But I WILL put mine up.