Monday, April 9, 2012

Tapir with Apple, a Still Life

Here is my tapir drawing. It was drawn last night in front of the Column of Modern Modular Ruins*. … In the dark, except for firelight. At the start, the final trailings of light from a sun that had gone down, and down some more, helped just a little. So, I suppose I have to actually say that that is an apple on the end of her nose. It was dark, I tell ya. I thought it would be fun to show how a tapir might use its mini-elephantine or gargantuan-pig nose. So … the "apple." It was an interesting experiment to draw in front of a fire. You need to turn your back on it, so the page can get some light. A lot of turning and twisting went on while the drawing took place.

My Pet Tapir: Sweet-Ums

I would have put this image up sooner today, but my computer was having internet connection problems, and we all know what goes on after that. Finally, it's up, and it's still Monday, so I'm even officially on time.

Well, that's it.

* The Column of Modern Modular Ruins still stands. It was made in 1997 or 8 from the two-holed bricks that hoist our single-wide mobile home aloft during those heavy windstorms of the early nineties. It's about eight to ten feet tall and circular in height. Dedicated to Trajan's Column of Roman times. I made it with the help of my two kids, Angela and Isaac. Toward the top, I was up on a ladder, and they were passing me these heavy builders' bricks. Hardly anyone got hurt during the process. From that time onward, we light fires beside the structure and burn branches that fall from the trees during the year. We can pretend we are truly ancient during those times.

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  1. Hahaha! I like that better than mine.

    And I'm glad the column of modern modular ruins still stands.