Saturday, February 18, 2012

Better cows.

Shoot - she beat me this week. Well, I couldn't let her beat me in number of cows, so we tied.
An Urkel cow. This was my first idea but actually the second drawing because I thought it was too dumb.
And a cowster - a hipster cow, doncha know. Also, this is a lady coy, so that is an udder in her pants. Sicko.

Cow's heads are cuter than I thought/remembered but their bodies are a little grotesque.


  1. Just curious. How long did it take you to draw those two cows? What did you use to draw them with? I'm wondering is all. I used an older fine felt tip for the both of mine. Also, I thought I'd mention that while we both did two cows, I would count a cat and possibly a mouse as part of my number of drawings, too. Just going on about it. That's all.

    This seems a bit competitive. Does it seem that way to you? Maybe we should actually BE competitive? ... Nah.

  2. 45 min or less for both cows? Maybe 30 min total? They were pretty quick, I guess. It might have actually been less. Or more! Who knows, but I doubt more than 45 min.

    Anyways, I use non-photo blue pencil to sketch it out and then I use some Kuretake Waterbrush pens to ink it: I have one in each size filled with sumi ink and a second large one filled with a mix of water and sumi for the gray. I absolutely adore drawing with these. Most of the sketches I do now I are with these, if you check out I have a web cam, so maybe someday we can film both our drawings. Ooh. :)

    Competitive! But our sort of competitive. Not actually competitive.

    1. No elbows? No pouting? No name calling? No cheating, even?

      Well ... okay.

      Competition for next week is to see who can draw the longest amount of time on a six by nine?

    2. Hahaha. That is hilarious. Sounds good to me. I will have to measure out 6x9 as I don't think I have paper that size. Does time include the undersketch or just the ink?

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  4. The time includes from when medium touches substrate, or said another way, when ink hits paper. And lasts until that session is done. Add them together. Do the math. We'll see how it works out. What will we draw?

  5. Let's go with Goblins. The time would include the prep drawing, and any time a mark is made on the paper. So ink, pencil, whatever, but the end result will be an inked drawing. Okay?